Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Natural, home based remedy for gas problem

How much of an embarrassment intestinal gas is - I first realized only when I started suffering from it. A long educational trip abroad and consequent change in food patterns was all that was required for the bacteria that resided in my guts to go berserk. The gas formation was so much that I had to act immediately on it to reduce it. The first relief came from a spoonful of Hewlett’s mixture but there was no way this could be taken for long as it contained a wee bit of opium. I made an important observation though - opium was what was reducing the physical activity of the bacteria! The 80’s were a world without Internet so it was only the doctor who had the last word. Anti parasitic and anti amoebic drugs were prescribed, but to my horror, my need for them kept growing over time. Here was a classic case of a bomb being used to kill an ant. The bacteria were all but gone and every time emerged the winner. This futile battle of using medicines against the gas-producing bacteria went on for about a decade. With time what was happening was, the more the medicines I would use, the more the problem was getting severe. I could not have obviously let this continue for long and thought of finding an alternative was lurking somewhere in the subconscious. And soon enough, the solution dawned on me.

The first experiments alternated between Ayurveda & Homeopathy. There used to be umpteen times of ‘results today – failure tomorrow’. Trials and travails continued and at one point of time the results became so good that I decided I should share it with the world. And what better way for me to do it – I booked a domain name. I started talking about it to friends and family and advising remedies for those who suffered. One distinct incident I remember was of a small three-year-old girl who suffered from dry and hard stools. She found immediate and lasting relief. These incidents started telling me whether the remedy was working for all or not. Having tested it for several people, over a period of time, I began to realize that though the solution was working, it was not bringing consistent, long lasting results – and it was not universal yet. Meaning it was helping some but not all.

Research and experimenting continued. My own gas problem was not solved fully yet. Little did I know that the best would come when the situation got to its worst. Observations on what food I was consuming that was causing the gases to occur led me to the discovery that I had lactose intolerance. Staying away from milk brought immediate and astonishingly lasting results. I had solved my problem and now was very close to finding a solution that would work for all. And one fine day the path-breaking discovery came to me out of blue. The food in the body needed to be regulated optimally to control excessive gas formation. Fast movement of food through the intestine was more harming than slower movement; both of which had a distinctly different manifestation. Based on this discovery, solutions for various problems soon followed. I was able to resume consumption of milk and other dairy products in a controlled way. So now if I have to drink milk, I know when to drink, what to add and just how much to add.

I know when the food in my intestine moves too slow, based on its manifestation, and so know what to take, when to take and just how much to take to bring it to normalcy. Likewise I know what to do when the food starts moving too fast.

Common, every day problems that every man faces have simple, sure and easy solutions. Knowing what you have to do solves half your problem and the rest gets solved when you do that. It is really very thrilling to provide a sure shot solution for problems the doctors haven’t been confident of keeping at bay for long. Visit my site to read more about my path-breaking discovery and to know a natural, home based remedy to your gas problem.